A Ghost Blog Theme

This is a demo blog for the Laminim Ghost theme. Laminim is a clean, well-crafted, fully featured Ghost theme for bloggers and wordsmiths. Mostly, this site contains placeholder content which allows you to click around and see what a Ghost blog running the default configuration of the theme looks like. You can buy the theme here.

Why choose Laminim?

  1. Laminim has the features you need to make the most out of your Ghost blog, without the bloat.

    • Optional comments. Add Ghost or Disqus comments to your blog without touching the code.
    • Social sharing. Let people share your posts with their friends using the non-irritating (and tracking-free) share buttons below each post.
    • Syntax highlighting. Laminim uses Prism for syntax highlighting code in your posts.
    • Elegant print styles make your words look just as good in print as they do on the web.
    • Mathematics formatting powered by KaTeX, the fastest math typesetting library in the world.
    • Full Ghost feature support. Laminim supports the whole gamut of Ghost features, including featured posts, author pages, blog + author social media links, tag pages, a custom 404 page, a customizable menu, blog logo, post thumbnails on the homepage, and more.
    • Flexible configuration. You can toggle each of these optional features on or off by editing a single line of code.
  2. Beautiful design. Thousands of little details make Laminim look great, everywhere.

    • Laminim is fully responsive so it looks gorgeous on any device. People reading your blog on the tiniest phones or largest high definition screens will feel like it was designed just for them.
    • Enjoy great typography out of the box, including carefully paired typefaces, drop-capitals, attractive pull quotes, and a typescale set for optimal readability.
    • Optimal reading experience. Laminim’s font-size, vertical rhythm, typescale, and line-length are engineered for readability, and responsive typography makes it a pleasure to read on any device.
  3. Robust, performant code. Lots of themes look pretty on the surface. Laminim is beautiful under the hood, too.

    • Laminim is fast. Speed affects traffic & sales, and Laminim can load in milliseconds. It scores 90+ on Google Pagespeed for both Mobile and Desktop.
    • Laminim adapts to the content. Laminim’s layout is anti-fragile. It can take any format of image for the post thumbnail, and when information is missing — a post image, author bio, or even the blog’s logo — it adapts gracefully.
    • All non-essential scripts and styles are loaded asynchronously or deferred so they don’t slow down the party.
    • Styles and scripts are concatenated and minified to reduce bandwidth and requests.
    • Valid markup. Laminim’s markup is W3C valid.
    • Built with Sass for easy customization and developer happiness.

Laminim incorporates everything I learned making my previous Ghost theme, MNML, and has been run in production for years. It is actively maintained, and is compatible with the latest version of Ghost.